The purpose of this blog is to blog. Consequently, to celebrate the wholesome, untainted freedom of evaluation and suggestion the Blogosphere promises. This absurdity is the ultimate freedom of speech. This ambiguity is an undeniable refuge. In my brief interludes of reason-ability I start writing for newspapers and grow ambitious. Otherwise I wait by the window for Count Dracula or hide under the bed pretending to be a hobbit. My copy of Alice in Wonderland has changed its title to Malice in Animal Farm. I lived in a glass house, which was concrete lined to keep the Sun out. So I recovered this virtual bliss, to retrieve what I miss. Though the thirst for social reform is immortal, clearly revolution is no substitute for evolution. This blog was to decode Obama’s success, but apparently many people have already done that. Others have either grown weary or refrain from wasting time online. Therefore it’s an aimless blog, suspended in air like pomegranate pollens and floating the ocean waves like peacock feathers.


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