Friday, April 9, 2010

Pakistan gets an Indian Bhabhi!

My excitement has soared high enough to burst through the ozone layers, into space. The nation forgot the grief of the power cuts (20 hours), inflation ( meat is Rs.440 per kg) and 52(b) on this auspicious occasion. The naive heart of Sania Mirza is about to be wed-locked with the corrupt heart of Shoaib Malik.

Firstly it is unimportant. The media is selling it. On some days, 15 to 20 minutes of each headline carry this gibberish. Secondly, the last marriage of Shoaib was a mess. If he was married, why deny it? His poor ex is now left alone after this bogus publicity. Bhaiya  has match-fixing and brawling problem so that the PCB banned him, likes discos, has an ex wife  who claims aborted his child while he started an affair with another girl- why is this girl marrying him?

Both the players have little sports left in them. So the two should cash it while they are still worth something. I hope they become family planning ambassadors as the Social welfare Minister suggested. Sania Bhabhi can promote birth control pill ads and Shoaib can advertise "Saathi" condoms. If Tiger Woods can, why can't he?
But after some months, or else we will switch to PTV again. The nation has had too much of Malik and Bhabhi ji...!
Bhabi and Co


  1. hope the stupid sania does not meet the same fate like earlier celebrities like Reena roy, Jemima Goldsmith in the hands of Pakistani cricketers. The lie of Shoib on this account has brought a shame for his country for saying his wife MAHA-AAPA and Sania, if she knew the truth, has not done less evil for his country, which gave her stardom

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  3. Just leave them alone for heaven sake ! they are human and they can do anything they want to. Media should stay away from them :) you might have a look to my blog as im following yours :)

  4. hi fashion
    i seen ur blog
    all it has is photos of models..
    gud luck with ur endeavors....

  5. dear lily put
    i dnt think this is an india/pakistan issue
    just tabloid problem...
    nd wat all has been done to reena roy and jamima? they r divorced... hav amicable relations with their spouses... dnt hav a custody problem over the kids... so wats wrong? divorces happen all over the world...!
    nd his Maha Appa scandal is has nothing to do with Pakistan as a nation.... if some jerk is denying his wife---- why shud a whole nation be held responsible...?!

  6. aapko sania bhabhi mubarak......ab rakhi sawant bhi le leejiye !!

  7. hey
    i think yes the rakhi sawant joke is funny
    bt a bit unfair... she is popular among the masses, no matter hw strange she looks...



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