Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Peace and Tolerance on 25th June

The Liberal Forum Pakistan (LFP) arranged a seminar on Peace and Tolerance at the Ambassador Hotel, Davis Road Lahore. Some hundred peprofessionals, students and youngsters from various backgrounds took part in the seminar.
The seminar was hosted by the nationally renowned anchor and General Secretary of Liberal Forum Pakistan (LFP), Lahore- Alia Shah. Muhammad Safdar, President LFP Lahore, introduced LFP- an organization funded by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and dedicated to liberal principles like human rights, democracy, free market economy, individual freedom, secularism, good governance, freedom and liberty.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

To every writer out there...

I have been affiliated with a newspaper for almost a year now. Many people have come to me with a wish to write. Here are some guidelines for getting published in the given newspaper (TNS) :
  • It is not very important to get published in TNS.
  • If you are still motivated, then please read TNS, for at least a month and read some of the back issues.Otherwise you won't understand what we or any other paper publishes.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Last train to Berlin

Since my early childhood days I have been wondering why I am I so accident-prone. My mother thinks it’s because I am simply clumsy, but I know deep down that it is a misfortune. There is virtually no part of my limbs that has not been bruised at least once. And the places and incidents through which these wounds were acquired vary a great deal from each other. From getting stuck in train and elevator doors, tripping over hurdles in 100 meters race, standing in a falling lift and bumping into moving vehicles (rickshaws and motorcycles), I have been there and done that without any fatal damage (unintentionally of course).

Monday, June 13, 2011

Breaking the Silence

Everyone (hopefully at least someone) who follows my blog and missed it- I am very thankful. I am sorry for the silence. But it was for a good reason. No. I was not pregnant. I was away to Germany for a two weeks seminar. And took an extra ten days to have a look around Europe. It was all fabulous of course.
Germany was very green and windy, almost cold in the northern parts like Rostock. They probably never see the real summer that we in Pakistan live through. Germany is very rich (this is no secret I  know) and it has been recession-proof so far. As we traveled across North Rhine-Westphalia, 


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