Friday, November 3, 2006


The one day when pakis become a nation of chympanzes. Despite the ban on kite flying , people still have no problem in jubiliating. One of the main hinderances in progress of the country is the nation’s majority being ever-ready to waste time. Life will move back to normal if we loose in Kargil, but it wud be a havoc if we come outa a cricket match without the trophy.They arent bothered about the war in iraq, but a cartoon is important enough to burn property worth millions. We hadta wait for nine years after partition for a consitution cuz the folks in power were busy solving a conflict. The wanted Pakistan to be called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.....and the idea that soveriegnty belongs to Allah be a part of the constitution. Is that not obvious? Should we also mention the sky is blue and the birds will fly?


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