Saturday, December 26, 2015

The unabashed romantic

Parveen Shakir
Many years ago, a young man was crying on the 26th of December, on a radio show. It was Parveen Shakir’s death anniversary and he was over-whelmed. And much to my dismay now, I had laughed at him, out of my childish frivolity.
I realized much later, that people can fall in love with poets and miss them like their own kin. And in Parveen Shakir’s case, it was even more likely, for reasons even Shakir was aware of- her physical charms.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The price of love

My grandfather in Hong Kong (2012)
I have been quieter this year than is usual for me. And I apologize to my friends, loved ones and readers for it.

My beloved grandfather passed away last December and that left me bereft.  His death was sudden and traumatic. I have been very shocked and sad. He not only brought me up but was also my teacher ( both formally at school and at home) and my best friend over the years.

His death has caused a transformation. The first part of my life, which included a care-free childhood and youth has seemingly come to an end. I have been forced to reflect and take some urgent measures to resolve my personal issues. And of course, there is the continued grief, which accompanies the death of a loved one. In my case, there were years of memories to sort out and decisions to be made regarding my future.
However, I am much less sad and stressed now. Hopefully, I will be able to write more often. I will also share some of my old pieces as well as memories of my grandfather and some other loved ones who are no more.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nawaz-Modi meeting: Beyond chauvinism and sentimentality

The ties between India and Pakistan are not just strained by the lack of clarity by Modi government, but also by this intolerant and brash attitude, which has become commonplace in India now.

In conversation with His Excellency, Janan Mosazai

The longer version of my interview with His Excellency Janan Mosazai has been carried by Laaltain.
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Friday, June 19, 2015

‘We are overcoming history’

Ammara Ahmad talks to the Afghan ambassador to Pakistan, His Excellency Janan Mosazai, about trade, terrorism, and cricket.

Pakistan could take lessons from Indian civil society in dealing with crimes against women

Indian voters have transformed the politics around rape. Pakistanis should follow. 
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The Killing of the Sikhs

Photo by Dawn
Harjeet Singh was sitting in his herbal medicine store in the Nothia Bazaar area of Peshawar when two armed men entered the shop and opened fire. Harjeet, 30 and a member of Pakistan’s Sikh minority, succumbed to his injuries while his attackers escaped.


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