Thursday, January 19, 2012

Who fears Muslim League?

Governance at an all-time low may be sufficient to cost PPP elections this time, but can the PMLN come back to power? Or will the “Imran Tsunami” hit the PMLN ballot box hard? Here is a brief synopsis of how PMLN has fared in the last three years.
First for a few months PMLN was in a coalition with PPP. But it had to separate paths when the "Charter of Democracy" was breached and PPP refused to reinstate the judges. However, the label “friendly opposition” did not serve PMLN well, because it meant approving and towing to PPP’s guidelines. Nonetheless, resistance over not reinstating the judges gave PMLN a political and popular edge over PPP and of course, spelled disaster for Zardari attempting to escape the corruption cases under NRO.

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