Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What you want from your kids?

What do you want from ur kid ?

Father: A son forgets his dad and dad forgets his son- what day is that?
Son: When the food is served on the wedding.
Here is a list of the don'ts:
Though i dont have any kids as yet,what i don't require from them is simple.

- Act like a rubber ball: desenstized to humanity and unconcerned them of the suffering of people. This happens and is hugely responsible for Pakistan not progressing. The upper and middleclass knows they will get out of it and therefore don't give a damn about politics, poverty and other social issues. Since it does'nt bother people they don't take any action. People should have enough imagination to symphathize or atleast put themselves in other people's shoes and understand their suffering.

-Consider the west superior.This happens on every level. The west is developed and has been developed for a long time. The fair skin, english accent, straight hair are all considered su[perior. we were ruled by the english for so long, we and the rest of the world that we identfy them as superior. ( some people think that the blacks who straighten their hair have the same issue.) Keyword, try adopting the good things from every culture and be proud of the one you have, even if spitting and farting in public is common in your own homeland.You don't have to adopt it and it doesnt mean your own culture is pathetic....its just different.Even the Government licks the western boots.

-Prejudice: What prejudice means is trashing someone else for the simple reason- being different from what you are i.e a different religion,language,culure,race,country, the minority, opposite sex, gays, the disabled,ill ...and above all ,people with a different viewpoint e.g US is the greatest nation or men are superior or muslims are fundamentalists....hating people for being different sucks.

-Adopting stereotyped roles:Well many men fall for the idea that they havta be macho and do everything for the family like bringing home men, controlling the finance and every policy at home.It gives them extra power. Many women tend to believe that housewives are honourable , they should work only when needed not otherwise. This provides women with leisure. Yet it has adverse consequences. Men have extra and sometimes absolute power that they can manipulate. They become independant in decision-making and what in reality is the right of the family, can be turned into a prevelidge they allow.They can withhold cash which can troublesome of the family.
Also, they can get overworked. Women loose power, less options, choices and freedom of decision making. Plus their mind and energy is wasted in unproductive activities.

-Accept injustice: Many people accept the injustice of the soceity as a norm and dont challenge it. Like corruption or bad laws. Reality can be wrong, and nothing should be accepted because it is widespread or common or socially accepted.Like racism,sexism,dishonesty,corruption,crime etc.

-Not Questioning: Understand that questioning the current belief, idea and knowledge pays more then accepting it. Plus my folks should be responsible,caring,wise and mature cuz in the end it pays!

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