Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do we all want love?

Wife: Do you find me preety or ugly?
Husband:I think you are a bit of both. I think you are preety ugly!

Not all but most people are looking for love,.... the boy-girl love....we probably realize as a toddler, after seeing Aishwarya ( or perhaps Madhuri or Reema etc depending on parental practice)playing the preety damsel and being chased by hunks start haunting us. Perhaps something like Freud suggested happens within our sub-conscious and we want to switch places and gain the attention, affection and wealth of an illegible bachelor. This becomes a permanent desire and possibly a bedtime longing- the other better half that somewhere out there, looking for us.
Love has a few roots in instinct also, and not just fantasy. By puberty the desire to spread our seed is already awakening, when the "L" word starts striking a chord....LOOKS!Remember the preetiest girls in the college were the first one to get married ( if not laid). Over thousands of years our brains have been programmed into finding the best genes to attain the perfect little offspring ( kaka)and the picture perfect looks are the most well balanced and suitable genes, promising our offsprings maximum survival, the perceived fittest. Hence the bulging belly or pimply face is unhealthy and unattractive at the same time.
And why does growing old bug us? The wrinkles and white hair spell disease and infertility. Therefore- balding skulls and slowing gait = not a reproductive superman!
A growing number of youngsters are falling in love, sometime head over heals . Its an epidemic.It serves as an escape and a chance to get away from the tension of life! Imagine your parents are negligent, divorced, seperated or economically unstable , wont it feel good to imagine the lover boy/girl coming to rescue- intended for life?And this too at a meager price of a chemistry test or quarrel with a colleague...
How bout finding something more productive then reproductive?like reading, cinema, write, paint, social work, reform to salvage humanity...
2 billion people are poor, Why not help them?

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