Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Little Girl

Well , many times my mom has accused me of putting dirty things in my bros head. Well thats certainly wrong..I only want his welfare. Just a few days back I saw him running after the daughter of my maid. I told him to stop because the maid is poor why don't you go after the neighbor who has a cycle.
"She can give you a ride on her cycle, she has a lot of money, her dad can buy you a BMW once you marry her." He went upstairs and asked my mom if he can marry the neighbor and the next thing I know is my mom running after me with a slipper in her hand. What the was for her welfare .Does she want a poor bahu. Before my Chacha came from Canada I asked my bro to marry his daughter.
"She has a Canadian Passport.You can buy as many cars in Canada as you want."

And when we were sitting in the dining room having dinner..My bro asked Chacha "Can I marry your daughter....she has a Canadian passport..."

"Who told you that beta?"

"Baji" he said pointing to me..but I wasnt there...I was under the table hiding from the deadly blows of my mom.What the hell ..I did it for her own welfare-so that she could go for a vacation with her Bahu ..Bhalai ka tu Zamana hi nahi.

Heard of the song by Kishore:

Merey Samney waali khirki mein Eik chand ka tukra rehta hai..(in the window next door lives a moonface..)

Well I made a funny song out of it

Merey Samney waali khirki mein Mera purana boyfriend rehta hai...(in the window next door lives my ex-boyfreinds...)

And one day when we were all having sister started singing it....And when my mom asked where she learnt it from...NO..being a highly sophisticated and intelligent individual she said she heard it on TV.Thats my girl!

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