Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Miracle of Saree

Women have stuck a cloth at their waist, supported by a top since ancient times.
Well I have been seeing saree since I was a kid. My mom wore it on her Valima- a blue Saree with a fancy shawl.
Usually the banarsi saree is common on Pakistani weddings because it looks more royal and expensive. Chiffon is the second most common. The problem with chiffon is it slip too often and is see-through ( especially around belly where most people have stretch marks or fat). It thin, soft and slippery and that of course makes it all the more sultry.
Saree is majestic. It has been worn in India since 2000 years. Worn in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, India etc- it rightly represent South Asia. A cotton saree is airy in summers . Worn in all colors, designs and weathers. Whites is meant ( but not exclusive )for widows.
Many tourists wrap and wiggle in the loose cloth. But Saree needs to be carried. You can stitch a shalwar kameeze and jump, hop, become a jungle queen
(or play tennis like Pakistani female players)but not a Saree. You need to behave yourself. Hold it, pin it on the right places, let it fall on your left arm ( or right) and do not let your heels become visible as you walk ( also not stumble on something).
I personally prefer a little back showing, you can wrap it without showing later.
I remember seeing Mumtaz’s back often in the movie “ Aap Ki Kasam” and womdering why mommy doesn’t show off her body like that…In fact as a kid I was bereaved by the fact that I won’t be able to wear one being a good Muslim. But that was me at five……
The front part of the saree that is actually tucked in at the waist, can be stitched too. Well if the saree isn’t carried properly, it looks like a stack of cloth, wrapped around one’s body. Have you ever seen the painful image of Naseebulal in a Saree. If you want to wear it like that wear a dhoti instead……Many Pakis have worn Sarees, Farida Khanum, Iqbal Bano but no one became the Queen like Noor Jehan did…..
Noor jehan was a risky, brave and bold when it came to sarees……
She has worn bottle green and yellow in silk…..white Saree made of Tissue and one very beautiful pink Chiffon she wore in the song……..” Humari saanso mein ajj tak woh hina ki Khushbo mehak rehi hai…..”
In India…..Well that’s a hub of Saree wearers…..But Rekha was exemplary in the movie Silsila ( Dekha eik khwab tu yeh silsley huey…..)
And Yes……The former Miss world in Hum Dil Dey chukey Sanam…..
But… glam girl did it better then Sush in Main Hun Na…My oh my……The first scene in which she emerges in the college with all that air in her hair……breathtaking…..along with Sharukh Khan slipped the entire audiences…..
Well I don’t know why gowns are such a big hype at the Oscars….if Catherine Zeta Jones knew what the sublime show of contours in a Saree , the allusion of every curve behind that long Paloo and the slight ( but enchanting ) bareness of the back can do……she would never brag about some long maxi…..I also wore a Saree on my farewell…..It does need a little maintenance ( the tucked-in paloo which can slip away) but with a Saree , u don’t need to do a lot of work with your hair and jewellery. The Saree is where the magic is.

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