Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pakistan's Love Funda

Love is all Pakistanis think of. Now take the case of India. They got a flood of dating and free &ex and now there is an overflow of the cases for AIDS.
One basic difference between a Western woman and Easter woman is that "no strings attached" doesn't exist for the latter. She eventually hopes to get married.
Girls learn this when growing up:
One God
One Book
One Prophet and
One man.

Pakistan boys have a piety syndrome. They need to have fun with the fun girls, but want to marry the so-called conventional/ghrailu ones.
Love is a package. The package includes many dreams and hopes, expectation along with failures, pain, wastage of time and in the case of us women, many tears. This filmy Heer Ranjha thing, in which the girl boy are ready to leave anything and everything is rare. Sometimes I am forced to asked:
Do you think it fair to leave the parents who gave birth and money to raise us up and that too for someone we know very little?
The how did Madhuri win fame for after sucha thing in that movie "Dil"?
Probably she related to the masses. lol.
Strangely these folks are ready to revolt when parents want to get them married to someone else, but never revolt against martial law or corrupt Governments/NRO.
The nation is detracted…Why don’t they go for research, and do what Thomas Alva Edison was doing in his teenage?Selling newspapers and working on his own newspaper. Or many other great scientists and artists did in their youth? Why don’t they pay attention to the declining classical music in the sub continent or rising human rights violations etc?Why are they bothered over a soul mate when in reality their own soul is lost....


  1. Your writing is very powerful, especially your "About Me" piece. I am enjoying reading your insights!

  2. Hello :)
    Thought I'd leave a comment here too, I'm loving your blog! It's great how you tackle issues with sensitivity as well as humour- keep it up! :)



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