Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I have a little boy in the family who studies in an elite school. At first, I was happy with it but since I started this environmental science course, I have been robbed of my mental peace.
Initially when I used to see those diamond studded aunties in sparkling new cars I used to bargain with my driver. Ofer him an increment of 500 for cleaning my car and adding the sparkle. Diamonds are unaffordable, what's the harm in car sparkle?
Now I look at those cars and wonder. How much water do they waste everyday for sparkling the cars? The car sparkle sprays must be a billion dollar industry, pouring waste in the Atlantic and Pacific without giving a damn for the millions of fish in there….
How much land did they deforest in Africa to reach these diamonds? If you sum up all the ecological benefits of one tree, the total cost is $196,000… and this is something elitist diamond aunty is unaware of and never paid for... Every environmentalist will have a tussle with the economists….
I have this junior and friend in economics department. She came running down to me today, her pony wiggling like a horsetail and a smile beaming like a rabbit…. I suddenly had the feeling we will be separated by life….I hugged her tightly…
" Promise me you will never leave me, Meena!"
" Never Baji! Never!" said the rabbit face. (Wait till I make a motion against the $28 billion CFC producing industry …nightmare for every economist….)

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