Wednesday, January 6, 2010


" The best way to save your honor is to stay away from love. Men use girls, then marry the one their parents like, or catch a rich one, stupid girls fall for men…put the honor of their family at stake. Thank god Allah has saved me from this ****."
This was Abira.
"How many times have you fallen in love Abira?"
"Never!" and she gave me a smile of triumph.
Yea…it is a victory for a 20 something, healthy ,literate woman of today to never have a beloved….but how rewarding is it to not have a lover…u miss being courted by a serial killer, skip being dated by a man whose wife pops up on the dinner table and ruins the romance, no heartburns or teen pregnancy, omit all chances of a scandal…( except the one that u are a lesbian)…..miss the concerned one,someone to share you coffee with on foggy winter eves, and pakoras on rainy days, the love notes, the phone calls and the new reality of finally having someone who understands…and the lessons he or she teaches you…about yourself…. Because you open the windows to them which you have never opened before….because you never realized they existed….
Love can be fulfilling….you can share, care, talk and get a lot of caring-sharing in return…
You might get heartbroken, or out of love, there might be an anti-climax…but the experience is worth it…you understand that love is something you lack control over , how it gives you the energy to do things-like crossing the ocean, and how to care and get get cared of in return and above all…you learn to put yourself in the shoes of all the lovers on this planet (including Sharukh)…
Ashi has been in love since six years…..i often ask her why does she love a man who will never love her in return…
"Juss to think of someone when I cross the hallway…"…sigh…That's the way people are…..

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