Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Bro and Our "Dirty Talk"

Well , many times my mom has accused me of putting dirty things in my bro’s head. Well that’s certainly wrong! I only want his welfare. Just a few days back I saw him running after the daughter of our housemaid.
I advised him to stop because the maid is poor…” Why don’t you go after the neighbor who has a cycle. She can give you a ride. She has a lot of money too. Her dad can buy you a BMW once you marry her.”
He went upstairs and asked my mom and asked if he can marry the neighbor and the next thing I know is my mom running after me with a slipper in her hand.

What the heck….It was for her welfare ….Does she want a poor daughter-in-law?

Before my Chacha came from Canada….I asked my bro to marry his daughter….
“ She has a Canadian Passport….You can buy as many cars in Canada as you want….”
And when we were sitting in the dining room having dinner.
My bro asked “Chacha can I marry you daughter because she has a Canadian passport.."
“Who told you that beta?”
“Baji “ he said pointing to me but I wasn't there of course... I was under the table hiding from the deadly blows of my mom….What the hell …..I did it for her own good!! Does she not want free healthcare? So that she could go for a vacation with her Bahu

…..** Bhalai ka tu Zamana hi nahi**….

Heard of the song by Kishore:
Merey Samney waali khirki mein
Eik chand ka tukra rehta hai..
( In Front of my window lives a moon-face)

Well I made a funny song out of it……
Merey Samney waali khirki mein
Mera purana boyfriend rehta hai
( In front of my window lives my ex-bf)

And one day when we were all having lunch and my sister started singing it. My mom asked where she learnt it from…….I was of course under the table by then... but being a highly sophisticated and intelligent individual she said she heard it on TV! That’s my girl!

This blog is a piece of fiction.


  1. Thanks for your comment in my blog. I read many of your entries in this blog and I liked your humorous way of writing. I did not study in Political Science and Journalism but I have a lot of interest on both them. Hopefully, you will update your blog more often.
    Here are two short stories from my blog:
    If you can then please read them.
    From reading your entries, I felt that you have good skill of imagination and you will write good short stories and novels if you try.



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