Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Historically the 29th has of this month has been a crazy day for me…since the day I gained consciousness…. I had the perception that it's special…. But why?
It's special cuz it's the time when the clock started for me…
As a kid- the birthday revolved around distributing sweets in class…. and then the attention moved to cake…. and friends and then parties but now things have changed much more dramatically….
Why did it become a special day? Perhaps we are brain-washed from kindergarten onwards that it's a special day so that we can bring the teachers a cake…or perhaps they wanna teach us excuses to be happy and celebrate and buy those party deals with a free cake at McDonald's and KFC. Or perhaps they wanna feed in us to be cheerful about are age before the existential dilemma hits our lives like Katrina hit New Orleans…And above all….to be contended with the fact that its passing away…
Or may be we naturally like the feeling that we came on this planet…but then the folks who never noticed the day they popped should face a dilemma…. of not having enough days to celebrate and utilizing Mc Donald's (my sis calls it Matotal) birthday deals…
Would life be different if u had no idea when the clock begun….?
Perhaps. They can change the age without feeling guilty, or juss switch the number… my great-granny thinks she is 100 although she is only 85 or so….and GIK could regret in his grave that he died too soon by considering himself 53 rather then one week short of 93…..juss an excuse to regret one's death….

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  1. I really like your writing style. Especially, the way how you add humor to your articles. It really is amazing :D keep them coming!! (Y)



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