Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Death of a Beloved

Few years ago an English teacher told us of a married couple whose bathroom was occupied by a cackroach one day and the wife gave her man a clear ultimatum- Either I live in this house or else this lizard. The husband realized how little harm and poison the cackroach contains as compared to his wife but was forced to kill it.
Cruelty to insects is common in all parts of the world. This cruelty comes with a heavy price in terms of time and energy. People would stay up all night to kill a spider rather than finishing a maths assignment. Rather then worrying about the Hisba Bill or General Musharaff vanishing in a rusted PIA plane- they worry about the roaches eating their pudding while they take an afternoon nap. (cackroaches are called roaches in North America.) Plus the roaches cant eat as much of the pudding as politicians who I heard even eat the bricks away too. You see- no one will ever pick up a broom and give Benazir a hard time with it.
In Britain they have an NGO to protect the ants (not aunts silly) from injustice. You see- there are 1 billion ants for each human being alive. The sheer size of the population makes their rights more important then the 500 living in the Guatanamo Bay.
The other day me and Chachi were watching a Chinese channel where they were eating roaches and having a ball. The degree holder from Alhuda therefore declared eating roaches haram. So all you cockroach delicacy loving Muslims BACK OFF! I then informed Chachi of the more important haram stuff going on in places closer to us then China. A large number of streets kids, almost 15000 in Karachi alone- are busy in prostitution. Most of their clients are Truck driver- this makes them prone to many diseases, infections and drug addictions.
Which one is more disgusting? Being a Chinaman and eating a cackroach or being a 15 year old and having sex with an HIV+ ?
I am waiting for the day when someone declares Either I live in this country or the blood thirsty Islamabadi cackroaches.

DIASCLAIMER: The author hope she hasnt hurt the feeling of anyone with this article- I am not talking to you Idiot, I am talking to the Roaches!

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