Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pakistan Through the Lens

The following are a couple of photos of Pakistan, available at ( very good site if you want to understand Pakistan)

Quetta was where my father was posted for a decade. The city is quite dry and dangerous
. But the lights, the moon and the sky make it seem so romantic and different from what I remember it to be.

Children waiting for roasted corn in a village. Old people miss such childhood perks often.

Cart Race in Rural Punjab.

A girl cop on duty.

A beautiful courtyard, typical of Pakistan. The shot is taken from an interesting spot. As a child, I used to draw village houses often and imagine living in them.


  1. nice pictures, i love them..

  2. Girl Cop picture is pretty sweet. Defeats so many stereotypes.

  3. Some nice interesting pictures. We still hav that cart race in Punjab here. The pic where children waiting for corn is a really beautiful one and shows the innocence these village ppl hav :)!!

  4. Loved the Quetta picture. Sometimes I spend summer vacations there. I stay at my cousin's house and at nighttime I get up on the absolute roof ( 'paani ki tanky'). I bring up green tea with me. Viewing those lights (particularly the ones coming from houses on the mountains) while sipping my tea and feeling the cool night breeze makes the whole vacation worthwhile. Heaven.

    Also, change the police-wali picture's caption to 'woman' cop. I'd hate to think I'm being protected by girls. Women, I've got no issues with.



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