Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who Screwed Facebook?

The Government took my anti-Facebook-photo-parade rhetoric too seriously and blocked the whole site for an infinite amount of time.
I must congratulate everyone, since it has improved our image greatly abroad.

My article was published on Chowk- it's all history and politics:

But its a rage.

My friend Amna came up with a nice post about workplace harassment:

Now here is someone I am very fond of , a journalist and friend, he won the Viewers Choice Award for his poetry film at the Sadho Poetry Fest:

The last week was a prolific one.
I got one good news that the English Speaking Union's Journal will publish some piece of mine. I don't know which. Ravi published my Amritsar piece last year, didn't get the copy till this Friday.
And then three of my articles came out.

On the Downfall of Lollywood:

And my travelogue on Delhi ( lovely memories)

Common Art ( Interview with an artist who sits by the street to promote art. )

But I missed my blog as hell , so came back to it!
My article got published in The News in march and I discovered it a month later:


  1. wow soo much work going on, good for you :P

  2. I told you how upset I was about those damn facebookers not focusing their attention on me. Now those damn LHC folk are trying to steal my lime light....What the Hell?

    Our Image Abroad is directly proportional to the number of gora friends we have.....seriously.

  3. i agree the step taken on fb is a good was imp !!
    n congrats on your articles being published !!

  4. prolific indeed. I'd point out that the ban isn't for an "infinite" duration, of course if you only meant it as a figure of speech...

  5. pity u 4 fb :( keep active on gmail / blogspot plz

  6. yes... muneeb... it ws just a figure of speech bt they havnt specified the duration... so it might go infinited...
    and Ajay... do add me on gmail... since my skype is troublesome...



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