Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sanctity of our Past

Facebook has revolutionized our lives. But the website, has almost raped our past and present.
When some friend of mine gets married ( mashallah) they upload a gazillion pictures. In case they are too busy, their friends, can create this havoc.. in fact , the friends are more rampant, since the pictures they load are non-professional, taken in a hassle and without any direct consequences...Even if you look stunning on your wedding day, why do you allow your pictures to be parading around, for free, among countless people whom you don't know and who don't give a damn, except for a general interest in your gender or dress-design. I am certainly not a religious conservative.
The worst comes if they visit a foreign land for honeymoon... then all u see is green beaches for many days to come on your home page. But nowadays, many of my friends are graduating. So you can imagine. Instead of one woman with digital camera , now there are several dozen, celebrating their last days in college. And suffocating us with 12 dozen pictures daily.
One of the silliest delusions FB ( facebook) gives us is that we are in the centre of the cosmos. By renovating our statuses, and uploading those pictures, we satisfy that desire for attention and itch caused by self-love. It nourishes our silly little idea that the World wants to know about us. Many people have statuses like " Sick of these assignments" or married women declaring " you can hurt me as much as you like, but I will always forgive you". To top it, all these relationship status acrobatics, from complicated to engaged to single, only provides fodder for gossip. Most of us have hundreds of people on our lists now. Trust me, only less then a dozen give a damn, or are honest to us as friends. Or may be more then that. But if you are telling me those 200+ people on your list, or those 30 who leave cheesy comments on your pictures are concerned- you are being delusional.
Some years back, we had those family albums, wedding albums, fewer pics that we cherished, but now when our lives are flooded with events, would we preserve and cherish these pictures? Will we think of our past with the same longing , once we have attempted to trap each and every moment through the lens and made it available to public? Some moments are perhaps too precious to be recorded or made public.....?


  1. I completely agree with you. But my friends will kill me if I don't put up my wedding photos on facebook. And you will be one of them! :P

    Some moments are definitely too precious to be recorded or made public; they remain with us forever and wherever we go. They don't need the camera lens at all. (I'd probably still try to capture them) :s

    p.s. I am going to put up 'our last day at college photos' soon!! :P

  2. I completely agree, I should be the epicenter of everyones Universe. How dare people think themselves important as individuals or try to catalogue their lives. How selfish of them indeed.

    And posting up non-professional picture!!! What are they thinking? Obviously they need paparrazi to be chasing them every where. hmmff, what nerve the Facebookers have.

    All that gossip fodder is just inconsiderate. It way lays us from the important issues of the day like corruption, energy shortage, environment etc.

  3. amna.... im nt one of the 200+ people who dnt giv a damn bout u ... am ur frends... eh... u cn email.... those wedding pix...

    nd lol... alpha... same fr all of us....

  4. Ammara, Okay, I will e-mail you. But you can see them on my facebook too. What you can do is come to my wedding and take pictures from your own camera and then not put them up on your facebook. I certainly don't want your list of 200+ people to see them.

    And Alpha Za dude.. LOL!! Ahahahah! What a comment! :-D

  5. hmm........well i agree wid u but not entirely. the ease of being able to capture every moment of one s life for free has made photography slightly distasteful. the number of pics online is obscenely high.well personally i quite enjoy goin thru pics of friends far away and near by . it gives me a glimpse of their life and makes me feel connected to them.

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  7. well its just capturing each n every moment of life which never used to b earlier.
    the basic thing that FB does is that it helps u to b connected with your frnds....like an online directory :))

  8. dear salman i dnt follow people who follow me nd it shud be vice versa... follow my blog if u wana read it...

  9. dear nazish nd ajay
    i agree u do feel connected on fb...
    when u c the pics
    bt if u have hundreds of people on ur fb... u wont take an intrest in all will u?
    juss wondering...
    bt yes... sm people are special nd fb is a gud way of nt loosing touch with em!



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