Friday, May 21, 2010

The most endangered Species on Earth

There are roughly four types of Muslims available in Pakistan.

First is the most common breed, of which perhaps, even I am a member. This one picks and chooses what has to be followed and what not. For example, men who being the obedient followers of the Book grow the beard, and then focus on the hips of the women nearby. Or women who date in burqa, get drunk but boycott pork etc. Men who love porn but don't let their sisters go out alone. Many examples can follow here.

The second is the less common but far more dangerous species. These are actually rascals, who like to have a good time on Earth but pretend to be a Muslim. One must wonder why take such pains? Well, being a Muslim in Pakistan is a political agenda. All higher offices are Muslim exclusive. All parties, if not fully support it, at least don't defy Islam. Islam as a business is all profit. Take the example of a Islamic show host on t.v- the chap with fake degrees. He became a minister ( or MNA) was paid to attend house preaching , recite prayers etc. This was the first new-age glamorized version of religion, we faced. Many Islamic Political Parties, join hands with dictators and gain benefits. This is perhaps not as outrightly unislamic as the corruption they do. In Smaller circles, your reputation is improved by being Islamic (or dressing and talking Islam- a couple of Quranic examples, display of naiki, professing charity etc). Many girls in my school, went into a few years of Dupatta, to get a good proposal. In Pakistani aristocratic families, nothing is more prized then a rich, pious girl, who can flaunt a dupatta when the need arises.

The Third breed is the thoughtless follower. The one who doesn't read between the lines, thinks rationally, takes the blind, passionate plunge when the need arises. This is a large population. And they are equally dangerous... remember, in the 80s, the threats to throw acid on women who don't cover-up etc. This section is often used by the hypocrites ( second breed) to churn out money through militancy and attacking civilians.

The last is the rarest and the most endangered breed of all. The pure-hearted, harmless Muslim, who worships in solitude, doesn't intend to harm a fly and only seeks peace of mind as the outcome of his prayers.

P.S: I am not stating I am holier then thou. This is just an observation.


  1. And your observation is absolutely correct though i think you did not filled up the new post template with all the feelings of yours because i wish to read more from you on this topic as it is pretty important and vast area of discussion and i think we should bring out a solution for it, if not do the strikes, but atleast tell our friends about the stuff going on and they should stop pretending being a muslim and become real muslim....

    The name is Salman and i would wish to have you as my follower and i am gonna write something about this topic tagging you in there because i am going to copy some lines from here hehe. Do follow my blog :D
    My blog:

  2. It’s a good observation. Basically, our (Muslim) society is infested with ‘hypocrisy’ and double-standard behaviors. Many head-covered mothers would feel so proud to see the number of girlfriends their sons own. But, at the same time, they would lock their daughters high up in a tower if they are caught in love and would release them on the day of their marriage to unknown men.
    Also, I am reminded of my boss’s meeting with a famous Islamic scholar whom he did not wish to name since he was a ‘Badda Aadmi’. They were at a social gathering and the Islamic Scholar was drinking. He noticed my boss without a glass of alcohol so he went up to him, held his own glass up high and said: Sir ji, I think you’re deprived of this ‘naimat’ of Allah.
    This is to remind you that he preaches the teachings of the Holy Quran in which it is clearly stated 3 times how Alcohol is ‘haram’ and he is calling it God’s blessing. Such is the level of hypocrisy.

  3. amna
    u r very right
    nd salman
    i cnt be too explicit here... lol
    let it be as it is...

  4. your observations are lucid, and words well woven. Still, you talk as if these four types only apply to muslims. Is it sheer conjecture to say there are four types of christian? four types of jew? four types of buddhist? four types of lover? four types of friend?
    What you are describing applies to all manner of faith... It is a reflection upon the secular heart of man bound by no creed.



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