Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Last Few Weeks

The last few weeks have been testing for my nerves.
Firstly Facebook was banned. It wasn't a fatal blow to my self esteem. I can take this. But it once again hit
me how we try to control matters by command and control. How we impose our religious views on others. How we lock doors in our educational buildings, ban cell phones and clothing items. The irony is, that we fail miserably. ( We blocked 2000+ porn sites yet topped the porn visiting country's list!
Then the Qadiani mosque was attacked. The terrorists stormed into a minority (Qadiani) mosque and started shooting. This of course shocked those who survived by some miracle.
In a hospital nearby, one of the captured terrorist was staying. Would you believe it! People were visiting with fruits and flowers to see the "naik" (pious) man who had killed so many pagans!
Furthermore, target killings are happening in Karachi- the estimate is that some political parties and intelligence agencies are involved. All this is worsening our image abroad- where we appear more and more extremist and for the right reasons...
We will have to go a long way in order to revive our sinking image. The world needs to see the political reality of this situation, we need to make more effective policies, not only to improve the image but to combat this strange enemy that taps the hearts of our own civilians...

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