Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Sialkot Tragedy

On the 15th of this month, two teenagers in Sialkot were accused of stealing and publicly beaten to death by hockey sticks. Thank God it was recorded on camera and someone submitted the video to the media.
It was of course disturbing to see it. But it caused a positive wave of resistance. People started protesting in Lahore and all over Pakistan.

The law and order situation in Pakistan is incredibly bad. Robberies, street crime and snatching have increased. Getting an FIR registered is difficult, dangerous and often useless. Therefore in cities like Gujrawala and Sialkot, the very corrupt Police of Pakistan now encourages people to attack these people and kill. Many times putting their corpses for display or burning them.

I remember a few weeks back, I spoke against it and my uncle from Gujrawala said that these people should be treated worse then this. " These criminals need to learn their lesson." he said. A very brilliant friend of mine had a support in favour of the killings, saying the boys were murderers and this street justice is people power.
She eventually declared that we people don't know what it feels like to be pointed a gun at like it happened to her.

You see, the thought that criminals are invincible until taught a lesson by the common man is deeply ingrained. The issue is that many times, these criminals are murdered by police, or allowed a public execution without a trial. This of course is illegal, challenging the writ of the Government and dangerous. Men in uniform decide who is to die and when, without much proof and trail. People don't care because the dead are suspected criminals.

Come to think of it, a society where anyone can be declared a criminal and persecuted on the streets is safe? Remember how some jirgas order public rape and murder, like they did in Mukhtaran Mai's case. Do we want this happening in our society?

Here is a piece I wrote today on the issue:
Why didn't you do something?

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  1. Law and order is going from bad to worse. Man made laws and law administrators around the world have failed to curb crime. The instance of sexual harrassments, robberies and organised crime has reached its pinnacle.

    To stop this virus to infect our coming generations we have to create an antidode for it. As we are luckily the superior most being in this world, we are gifted by God to tackle such situations. All we need to do is to sit alone and think with a clear mind where we are wrong and what can be done to make it better. In the wilderness of my mind I ponder and conclude that there is infinite flaws in the rules made by men.

    The main reason for the installation of law in our system is to help the just and punish the unjust. When we open the book of law made by men, one can easily escape punishments because of the loopholes it provides. Experienced lawyers know how to twist it, some escape with mild punishments for horrendous crimes and some people make new ones to cling to power. If Law is altered unfairly which we are doing daily, problems will arise, sometimes immediately and sometimes with time.

    For once elevate yourself to the space, look down on the earth and you would know that the solution is to follow the word of God or otherwise face His Wrath which we are actually going through.



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