Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to Basics!

About 2.3 billion people (40 pc of the world) do not have proper toilets. Hence, lack of sanitation is a global issue and Pakistan also suffers from it. It has a human and environmental cost that most of us are unaware of.

"The situation is unaesthetic. Human waste is full of disease-causing bacteria contaminating the air, food and water," said Nazeer Watto, an environmental expert who works for the Anjuman Samaji Behbud (Organisation for Social Welfare) in Faisalabad.

"When waste is generated in the open and remains untreated, it interacts with the food chain through the soil, water and crops. The disease causing bacteria are incorporated in the food we consume, persisting longer and having worst effects by the time they reach humans," says Mustafa Talpur of WaterAid. "Sanitation is for human dignity; otherwise it enhances class isolation since only the lowest classes endure it."

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  1. It's a good thing that human waste has natural Fertilizer properties.

  2. Let me get one thing out of the way quickly: You neo-Marxists never cease to surprise me with the ease with which you turn everything - even flushed toilets - into something emblematic of the class struggle.

    Now for sanitation, yes; proper sanitation for most of the population was one of the key drivers of European urban population growth in the early-to-mid nineteenth century. I seem to remember reading a factory memo from the period that discussed the high costs of replacing skilled labor lost to disease. Unfortunately, we suffer more from electricity shortages and water-scarcity than disease. Priorities, priorities.

  3. On my way to office everyday I see kids defaecating on the footpath. this is a sad reality of life in India and Pakistan.

    The strong build many cities , the weak build few, the dead build none.

    I think that the importance of being able to maintain personal hygiene can not be undervalued and is a concern of the highest priority. As you stated clearly..........disease kills workers and impedes economic progress. If there aren't any workers who will build the dams , power plants and roads that your country and mine so dearly require!



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