Friday, August 6, 2010

A Healthy Vacation

Chacha Zardari
I am sure you are fine, after all London is sufficiently far from the Paki floods, and you are staying in a luxury hotel (mashallah). Please do not worry about the floods. The 1500 people who died were ANP supporters.The alive ones and the soon-to-die ones are also not PPP supporters. Just Relax. Very soon, more kids will be borne and you can convert em to PPP right away!
God Forbid, if these people plan their families, PPP will have only 3 ways left of winning the next election.
1. Bribe the election commission
2. Buy the top brass of ISI
3. Ask Babar Awan and Rahman Malik to run away with every ballot box they see.( easy , easy)
That Raza Haider, who was gunned down in Karachi - remember? Why don't you meet Altaf bhai in London and request him to pray for peace in the evil-ridden Karachi, where innocent people are being targeted by God knows who?
Let me tell you the secret of a healthy vacation. Stay away from the newspapers. The opposition has hatched a conspiracy of defamation, and is vomiting poison. How did they find out about your French Palace by the way, don't tell me you paid the tax...Cameron must be obliged you took time to see him, despite your busy schedule and his rowdy diplomatic stunt in India...
I am glad you are working on the career of Billu bhai ( Bilawal). After all,  people do everything for their children- send them to private schools and universities, pick-drop, help in homework. What for? The kids' career. So why this hoopla if you spent the public money of a downtrodden country on your son? You are being a good parent. And it would have been wasted by corrupt officers nevertheless. Lastly, please feed Bakhtawar baji more, she looks quite under-fed in the pictures.Oh shit! This isn't Bakhtu- this is some bloody poor girl from N.W.F.P, let me delete her!

See You Soon 


  1. Below the belt! Making fun of a poor over-weight girl.

  2. poor over-weight? she is bloody rich!

  3. Poor as in bechari, not financially :) Us kih kya fault that she got a fat body-type. Ab us neh kuch ghalti kih hoti toh sahi, lekin jo kismat me hai, us kah kya mazak uraanah. If I ever see her, I will tell her not to feel bad, and to eat to her heart's content :P

  4. ahaha! Loved it. I can just imagine you saying all this verbally! ahaha!! :-D I hope you don't have anything to do with this latest news about Zardari and some shoes.. :-D

  5. how can a ruler with so much hate still be shamelessly around?
    what the heck!

  6. ammara......this man is not worth writing about......let alone being written to. i empathize with you and your people. Our politicians are of the same breed



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