Saturday, August 7, 2010

Who Let the Shoes Out!

Chacha Zardari! 
After all the President Zardari has done to completely eradicate terrorism and poverty, this is how he got paid? ( With the kind of money you raised, I bet you can afford your own shoes). We all know Billu Bhai , ( Bilawal) sacrificed his own speech to collect funds for flood relief after the protests broke on Heathrow. But this is no sound way of donating footwear, throwing them on you.
They say the shoes were designers. And to facilitate, the chap threw two. May be it would fit you? If you checked the crowd enough to prevent them from carrying cameras, you should have also checked if  they are PPP supporters. These desperate tries for public glory are not workable everywhere. Next time, only invite Babar Awan and aunt Sherry to such events. ( Beware Shery's revenge- she wears high heels.) Who writes your screenplay? You need new dialogues. And too much of in-laws love ( or lust)  makes one look sissy. 
Now the flood came in K.P, is that your fault? You didn't make that much water I am sure.The warning didn't come or the relief effort was slow, what has that to do with the highest authority?What do we pay the bureaucracy for?You were called Mr.10% but that's the past. Your commission has changed ever since.
(We guess). Even the UN report on Benazir's assassination declared you innocent. How much cleaner do they want you to be? After all you are the Paki President, not the washing powder Nirma.
People should appreciate your PMs visit. But the flood was in the northern provinces, what did he go to Karachi for? Oh the target killings! He is late by a week, but the public should appreciate his efforts to move here and there. The cheques for donations were false in Mianwalli- but at least he gave them. Some Governments, like those in Somalia and Rawanda, don't even give these...
My driver was chanting " Go Zardari Go"...I fired him! The new one is a pick-pocket but I ignore his small burglaries- after all, I am a Paki...
Joota Tu na Maro!,

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  1. whoz fooling who i have no idea ! rather i dont wanna have an idea



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