Sunday, February 14, 2010

A rare piece

Amanat Ali Khan and Farida Khanum are two music gems of Pakistan. I had never before seen them perform together. It is a rare treat. And they are so youngish here... delightful..


  1. Having lived in USA all my life, I do not get that much opportunity to listen to Indian/Pakistani music. They visit here some time. I do not know the languages either. But again music has no language. Regarding the video clip in your post, just only one word. Mesmerized.

  2. A very old video....well m too not that much into these kind of music but ya it sounded good!!

  3. thanx SG...
    and nazish... the two also looked good...dnt they.. i hav listened to Paki music all my life bt
    I never came across this... heh.... chupa key rakha...

  4. btw SG.. its nt much to understand.. i think its sm raaga... it does have a meaning but u can do away with it...

  5. n knowledge ko kabhi chupa ke nahin rakhna tha....u seem to love music a lot!!



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