Saturday, February 20, 2010

Memories Improvised by Leo Antony

Leo Antony is a gentle soul from Kerala currently working in Delhi. Here is a composition by him. He is sitting in the Studio Rehearsal Room. ~~ In case the video doesn't open.


  1. Was not able to watch it on your blog as it opened on youtube...was really nice!!

  2. I had no problem watching it on your blog. Very melodious.

    I read in one of your other post that your friends call you "Ammu". I am sure you know that Ammu is a very common name in Tamilnadu and Kerala.

  3. thank u so much SG.. u r very encouraging... yes i knw the name...the main protagonist of God of Small things is Ammu... since she was so tragic... I disliked the name...because such a fate is way too common in this World!...

  4. Indeed ! I second Ammara ! The type of music you compose *Does* reflect your nature. ;) A very sensitive soul he is. Dedicated. Does what he wants. Then sits back..and cherishes it. With a smile..which fades away in sometime, a shine comes in his eyes, seeing another target to work on ! ;)

  5. :) thnk u all for encouragement


  6. Dear Leo,

    How are you? We met when I was in India at Rehearsal Room. Through Sadho and this Blog I heard this piece and here I am sitting in London, its almost a perfect day with the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds and I have absolutely enjoy hearing this piece.

    The next time I am in Delhi will ask you to please burn this on a disk, if that would be okay with you? I know there must be a way you can email it to me... however for now when I am in India soon.

    Keep up the good work and :-) composing.

    Best wishes,

    Amtojh Sandhu



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