Monday, February 8, 2010

Poetry by Anwar Masood

Anwar Masood is a Punjabi poet and these are some hilarious Punjabi poems recited by him. The first is "Anarkali diya Shana" means the "Glory of Anarkali". Anarkali is a market in Lahore, very old and typical. The poet is talking to a cow, and describing the market's supremacy.

The second one is "Bunyan"- an undershirt worn by men and children. A street vendor is trying to sell it.


  1. The video is not available, just check it out...but wonder why the poet is talking to a!!


  2. i read of ur blog on fb and thought i'd drop by so that u do the same on my blog :p

    i love the poems by anwar masood :D in fact last year even i posted this bunyan poem on my blog hehehe

    you will see more of me on these pages ;)



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