Saturday, February 27, 2010

No Power Crisis in Pakistan ?

Pakistan's power crisis is not a secret. In summers, the electricity deserted us for 12 hours daily, while the Sun baked us mercilessly. In some parts of Pakistan, the lights were hardly lit and the textile mills were eradicated.
Yet it is seen, on most national or religious ceremonies, there are elaborate decorations on the streets and houses. This is usually done with small light bulbs that form chain-like structures on the entire buildings, trees and poles. Although like fire-flies they please the eyes- they are a huge penalty on the country that is about to sink in a dark swamp. Instead of illumination, one can utilize large paintings, calligraphy or other means of decorations. Perhaps even a few energy savers. We are after all celebrating and not punishing anyone.
Similarly , on the 14th August, a truckload of paper flags are printed. Many of them either wither away into trash or on the roads. Paper is an important resource, since it is made from wood. For attaining wood, land is deforested. Paper can easily be re-used and re-cycled. Every year, many Pakistani students are disappointed because the price of paper makes books and copies unaffordable. There should be some sanctity to this resource, where course books are as pricey as gold and leisure reading has therefore become extinct. Resources shouldn't be wasted under the excuse for celebration and patriotism.


  1. Very sad indeed. If individuals behave in a responsible manner then the society will automatically be transformed.

  2. Thats really sad to know the power crisis in your country!!! Well as far as celebrations are concerned one cannot stop anyone. If u go by this then the companies should stop advertising on electronic billboards. Its just once in a year that they are celebrating...ya one can educate them to try n save power as much as possible in daily routine.

  3. its nt once in a year... its very often... on weddings nd religious nd national days... im nt suggesting to ban em.. im suggesting they get sm conscience...



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