Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rain in Lahore

Rain in Lahore is a fantastical phenomenon but you have to scorch in the Lahore Sun for several months like a mango to receive the final sweet pleasure.

Everything starts smelling different and you never catch a cold if you take a rain shower( though my mother is sure you can). The tea tastes better, especially when the chilly wind returns. Its like a natural, divine wash, that cleanses everything to the core ( except for the corrupt and greedy). The green becomes greener, crispier and you fall back in love with the city.

Following are some of the images of Lahore in rain.

The Race Course Park - Lahore

But there is another side too. 12, 000 medical students had to take an exam despite the dripping roofs. Some houses in Gujrawala ( a city ), two people were killed and one was injured. The inner city of Lahore which is very old of course, is literally choked with water- becomes a dirty version of Venus. But this isn't the Monsoon's fault. It is the poor, old and under-developed infrastructure. By the way, it started raining while I typed this post. 

Here is a very good site to share a poem on rain. The introduction is beautiful:

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