Friday, July 16, 2010

Once Upon a Time

A spec of poetry in your blood?" Once Upon a Time"will shake you! A film and poem by Vishwajyoti Gosh, narrated by Ramesh Venkataraman at the 2nd Sadho Poetry Film Fest 2009-10.

" Floating in some corner of the mind,
Is a home that was once mine,
Full of faces that have now become,
Addresses of a distant past,"

"The alphabets of my name,
And the wrinkles of my face,
Are signposts of a present,
That I live in,
Yet no longer relate to."

The narration was initially offered to the then Sadho curator, who refused due to the Sadho policy and instead presented to Ramesh Venkataraman. The narrator is no more, but his voice with it's beautiful intonations and expressions is with us forever.

A personal piece on India's partition and the conflict of histories and memories. Can you relate it with the partition? Reminds one of the book "Kite-Runner" in which Amir return to his Afghan home to finds strangers,the uncles migrating to the west in search of an " oblivious future", while their parents miss their pre-partition childhoods.
Why is that memories often begun with a " Once Upon a Time". Do you have the answer?

Watch the poetry film at:


  1. Good or bad memories.. Life is all about 'Once upon a time!' :-)

  2. Glad you appreciated it Amna..
    Here are some of the comments I received on my messenger:
    ashish kumar (7/17/2010 7:43:46 AM): good poetry and very good illustration as well...

    causal_sailor (7/17/2010 8:39:54 AM): keep sending these updates to me. I'll keep reading. Thanks for educating me.

  3. once upon a time - not so happily ever after - is always the real thing

  4. thats beacuse that event only happened once in ur life.. a similar event may happen again bt it wont be the same, this is what makes it a memory hence it begins with "once upon a time"



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