Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Degree that Was'nt

The Pakistani political crisis has taken a new twist. Our beloved former dictator, who now wants to come back and stand in an election made it a compulsory to have a bachelors degree to compete in elections.
The truckload of wanna-be MNAs and MPAs, in thousands, rarely had a genuine degree. So they bought one.

For the first two years, the sea was smooth. The Election Commission, Opposition and media were at peace. But suddenly this wave began and the huge secret pile ( and bile) of fake degrees was discovered. Punjab alone is said to have 350 legislators with forged degrees. Dunya tv website is reporting 49. But the honorable but Nakli Dr. Babar Awan, Mastikhel , even some women parliamentarians came under fire ( some even shed tears in the Assembly).

50% of the Paki population is not educated and this article will prevent them from attaining offices. And of course the dictator had a vested interest, of barring certain groups from elections. Well firstly, none of the working, poor or even middle class can afford a party ticket ( most parties charge you) or an election which costs a few crores ( the Q-league is said to spend billions in 2008). Secondly, the lower classes have their backs broken by the economy.

The law was standing and these people violated it, making them no less then criminals. If not for cheating or lying to the public, then for forging documents which is illegal. But in Pakistan this is a very small kind of corruption. Though it became very muddy- the worst issues in Paki Politics are:

1. Stolen Public money through corruption in foreign accounts(worth billions of US$)including Zardaari,Shaukat Aziz, Altaf Hussein,Shariff Brothers, Manzoor Watto etc.
2. Heinous crimes- Murder( MQM has 4000 FIRs of murder charges),Rape (Irafanulla Khan Marwat is said to be the chief proponent in the Veena Hyat Rape Case)etc.

These two tick me off, personally. Forging a degree is very minute as compared to eating 60 billion dollars of public money.And Pakistani politics is like a Turkish/Roman bath, everyone is nude ( and a B.A fail). For the moment, we might have to forget the degrees.
After toiling for a useless Bachelors for four years, I realize why these people choose the easy way. IF someone meets Babar Awan, please ask him where he bought his degree, me and my folks might benefit...


  1. oh wow... that is soo wow. I dont even know how to comment on this one. Kia baaney ga iss mulk ka!

  2. Hmm.. True.. forging a degree is almost nothing compared to eating public money. Pakistan has had (and still does) many leaders who have an original degree (in many cases are even highly qualified) and just anyway eat the public money. So no big deal when all of them are doing the same thing; eating from the same bowl.

  3. yes... Raaji and Amna... u r both very right.. i wish it changes... nd they improve..!

  4. Regardless of the dictator's vested interest in standardizing minimum bachelor's degree requirements to be able to contest @ elections, Pakistan is suffering today because of less educated legislators and their poor decisions effecting millions of people's population, electing them over and over again. :) We shall appreciate what someone did right.. even if he was a dictator! That's real education. ;)

  5. i dnt think getting a degree means u r educated... especially a pakistani degre... BB was foreign qualified... hw gud a legislator ws she? nd
    the law is against universal franchise...
    u cnt bar 90% of a country's population frm contesting elections.... democracy with 10 % in power is useless...

  6. "And Pakistani politics is like a Turkish/Roman bath, everyone is nude ( and a B.A fail)." luv this line...

    i agree with u that this issue seems quite trivial when we look at the ocean of "massail" we r in bt i think that our leaders have to be educated.. BB with her foreign degrees wasnt much different but either way its pakistans loss so not go for kuch parha likha leaders

  7. But not having a degree 'Does' mean you're Not Educated.

    BB was educated but had to force the entire flock of less/not very educated administration, media, entire machinery she had to work with. She couldn't do much because one person alone cannot make too much of a difference especially if nobody is there to understand rest assured helping her !

    My father is also legislator and I do know pretty inside out what means having an educated/degree holder staff compared to a flock of illiterates.

    If degree doesn't necessarily show you're educated; lack of it absolutely confirms you're not educated.




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