Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who Killed BB?

Obviously I am not here to give you the answer. How would I know?
In fact I have my share of questions, that have been robbing me of a good night's sleep. The UN committee took two years to decide that the murder of BB could have been prevented.
Let me give them a good news. All crime can be prevented!
Why did uncle Zardari give out 10 crore Rupees to the foreigners. They could have easily delegated me and my best friend. We would also give him the same results, which he so vehemently desired.
Now that the Committee has not discovered the real murderer, shouldn't we ask them to return the public money. It is enough to set up a small power plant. Even royal fans come back with money back guarantee now.
And why is Musharaf in the line of fire again. Just because he looks suspicious, doesn't mean he is behind all the malice.The government did advice BB to stop her rampant campaigning. And of course, the Government didn't call her and suggest that she come out of that car roof. She came out of her free will. I admit it was brave of her to ignore the threats. But she didn't have the right to risk the lives of other people, who died due to her on the 18th October and later in December.
However, it was a very sad and insecure day for the country. And one thing that the then Government should be made accountable for , is how they handled this crisis. They turned the political turmoil into an economic one, and virtually the whole country came to a violent stand-still. Such a vigorous stand-still hadn't even been observed when Queid-e-Azam died!

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  1. The road to democracy is never a rosy one for any country in South Asia. I just hope that Pakistan can get some stability soon as the country has some good potential to move forward. As for the murder of Benazir Bhutto, the UN report has perhaps created more questions than providing answers.



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