Sunday, April 18, 2010

The 18th Amendment

Pakistani democracy has come a long way, in the last two years. It has in fact, become speedier then is easily manageable.
The 18th Amendment is a sad affair. Its worst than watching your 40 year old son stuck in an anal stage.
So many clauses became controversial. It is all over the papers. And the legislature on the other hand gave it a super majority.
In a country that is corruption struck, and politicians are motivated by vested interests, it is hardly impressive anymore , to see political parties align on a bill that caused havoc. ( yes, many people lost their life and property in protests against changing NWFP's name).
It was amusing to see the name of Zia-ul-Haq wiped out as the president. The man declared martial law and became the longest lasting ruler in Pakistani history, and PPP still has trouble digesting it. ( Hajmola can work!) Just like Zia removed Mr. Bhutto's name from textbooks.When will we stop fiddling with history and attempting to produce a home-made version of everything? Mr. Bhutto's own ascend in power is was dubious enough. Remember, he came in power as a Cavilian Martial law administrator or God knows what...

We are still stuck at ideologies, names, redundant petty politics, while the clock is ticking the future away from us. They took 60+ years to change a province's name? Why now? When we display some mental and emotional growth? Is the political anal stage everlasting?

One can read more on the amendment here:
Full text is here:

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