Saturday, April 10, 2010

If Kyrgyzstan, Why not Pakistan?

A few days back, the Government in Kyrgystan was ousted by its people. The country was suffering from increased energy prices ( hint hint) , power cuts, poor economic conditions ( rings a bell?) and corruption.
This is not a suggestion for the opposition to topple the Government over. However, the people need to wake up and stand united. There is growing violence and frustration in the society now. Rather then burning tires and inhaling carcinogens, why not peacefully protest , in thousands if not millions. The Government needs to wake up.


  1. paki govt is already awake - or else things wouldnt be as they are right now - it is when the cat is away the mice come to play - remember! so when they sleep that is when the good stuff starts to happen!

    so let us pray that they permanently rest!

  2. somethings aren't meant to happen in Pakistan :)

  3. I'll try to be brief: revolutions and counter-revolutions may be disguised in ideological, religious or ethnic colors (pun not intended), but their longevity or lack thereof is determined mainly by the economic advantages they bring to the population.

    This perceived economic advantage of a revolution needs to be greater than the damage associated with the chaos of the revolution itself.

    The semblance of a credible alternative program is required to goad the masses into action. Unfortunately, it seems that our political leadership is content to game the system and deny the appearance of said alternatives. When the only choice available in our fragile democracy is between two brands of the same product type, the people cannot be expected to be anything but apathetic to the outcome and all efforts at amelioration take on an individualistic, self-centred and anti-collective form.



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