Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thanks for Bombing Our Neighborhood!

On the 8th of this month, I was absorbed in Tagore's Binodini ( Choker Bali novel) at 8:30 in the morning. Just when a fight scene between the heroine and the hero's mother started, our house shook like a blade of grass. A loud blast was heard that left everyone dazed. At first I thought the stove exploded. Then I thought the next door under-construction house collapsed. But finally we realized that the SIA office near-by, which had been too prominently insecure to be ignored by terrorists was finally down.
First we were all shaken. Because it was too loud, our window panes broke and people started running on the streets. Somewhat chaotic. Then I became angry and hateful of the bombers. But my teacher reminded how we need to understand them before despising them. And the whole day people called us, offering their prayers and good wishes.
Many people are now requesting the Government to remove all sensitive offices from thickly populated areas.
Another concern is, since the window panes were broken all around the town, hopefully the terrorists are not using radioactive materials. The Government needs to investigate the chemical composition of these bombs, and save us from possible hazardous exposure.


  1. Did you see the mushroom cloud the explosion caused? I live nearby (in G-block) but thankfully was in university at the time. I'm told the cloud was worse than when they bombed F-block. My brother told me that people came out of their houses, looked up in the sky, and stared at the blackish gray mushroom - they could do little else. With Model Town experiencing all these explosions, I can't help but wonder when they'll bomb a house in my street. Although I can imagine residents of other blocks staring at the cloud stemming from one of my neighbor's houses, I have no clue as to what I and the people of my block will do. I guess this means I'm afraid. And I guess this means the terrorists are winning.

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  3. 3 more blasts after I posted the above comment.

  4. hi i saw the smoke nt the cloud... we r too close nd have too many houses in the middle...
    bt it ws shocking
    nd yesterday again.. i dnt knw wt they want ... such cowardice... sheer inhumanity!

  5. hello ammara- what was merely an article on google news for me was exploding in your face, literally...
    i loved your blog. its so nice to read someone who is so logical and emotional at the same time.
    thanks for visiting Rivers I have known. come again soon, i ve posted.

  6. if a curse have an impact we all must curse these brutal people day and night so as to wipe them out which our governments, for their selfish gains, are ignoring



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