Friday, March 4, 2011

Remembering Taseer

It has taken me exactly two months to come up with this. Taseer was usually very controversial during his lifetime. He was the front-man in PPPP, fighting the opposition with often colorful, humorous, sometimes malicious comments. His in-your-face politics frequently took the limelight. 
His death was shocking. It was sudden and too brutal for a man of good taste. However, what surprised me
the most was, how little known he was before he passed away. The subtle aspect of a character are ignored, especially in politics, where you are out to hound the opposition on a tit-for-tat basis.There were facets of him, for example, his jail years and loyalty to
Bhutto, his childhood spend in inner city Lahore, his father who was my dad's professor. People reminisced how they used to find him in restaurants eating, how he would dance with them or converse easily. He was a big connoisseur of art, they say. The chap who killed him had just one grievance but in the process finished everything there was to him. And now, in his death, Taseer is much greater than he was in his life. Some great obituaries followed. Linking two of them here. 

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