Sunday, July 3, 2016

The new chapter

This blog is a decade old now. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been reading, editing and appreciating my work. You make this process a lot more exciting and memorable.
Though this blog has helped me gather my published writings, it's original purpose was to help me assemble my thoughts and feelings, no matter how absurd or mundane they happened to be. 

I have been questioning what kind of writing leaves me happier. Usually, it is about the fiction and cinema I admire or some of the past experiences that include my grandfather. And of course, Lahore, the city I have grown up in. So I would like to dwell more on those, instead of the journalistic pieces I have been so obsessed with for the past few years.Now I will shift towards writing more personalised pieces, either exclusive to the blog or having some additional content in them. 
This will include tributes to loved ones and my teachers who are no more, some of my memories and memorabilia that I have treasured over the years. 

Many of my published pieces were available on websites at a certain point but are not there now. They will be posted as "replugs" (if I am able to recover them). Thank you for reading my writings. 
The Passion of Creation by Leonid Pasternak

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