Sunday, April 29, 2012

Acid Chaudry: Acid Logic

A couple of weeks ago, after the high-profile acid-burn victim Fakhra Yunus committed suicide, Javed Chaudry wrote an appalling op-ed for the Daily Express.
Fakhra Yunus was a young woman with ties to the red–light area of Karachi, mother of a son and wife of a politician Bilal Khar who burnt her with acid in 2000.
The article titled “Chala Goli” (Shoot) starts with a very macabre description of what happened to Yunus’s face, something that reminds one of Scream 2. Such vivid description, which otherwise adds appeal to the article, appears very grotesque here because Chaudry is sensationalizing Fakhra’s misfortune. The details are indeed agonizing. In the same paragraph he praises Khar for his “beautiful foreign clothes, excellent shoes and he had degrees from a reputed British university.”

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