Monday, August 29, 2011

Violence in Karachi

No one was speaking much about the Karachi violence. Therefore we interviewed some of the big names in the city and requested them to suggest a solution.

The resolution lies with our Government. We are disorganized, have thousands of sects, classes and divides in a cosmopolitan city like Karachi. We love our ethnicity (Sinchi, Balochi, Punjabi, Pathan) more than our religion-Islam. There is a lot of business in our city and it sparks competition. We are greedy and the common man resorts to violence on the streets, killing and looting. No one is stopping them. No one can control them. And soon it will affect the whole country because Karachi is a business and trade hub. May be foreign powers are giving these people arms. But only Government should intervene for the sake of saving this country. Not think which party they are from. The Government lacks moral strength if it waves its party flag before Pakistan’s.

The political machinery is criminalized and has militant wings. There is a need to de-politicize it, all political parties need to sign a resolutions that they are breaking these ties with the militants. Police and intelligence, which includes the agencies, have a soft corner and links with criminals.
The main solution is that Anti-terrorist courts be set-up. If there is no amendment so far in the constitution, then it should be made swiftly, although I believe there is one. Day and night anti-terror courts should be set-up like the west, with witness protection and the decisions should be implemented. If the decisions are not implemented or there is a time lapse, it will become useless. We should take the example of Britain and how they controlled the recent wave of terror in London.

Perhaps curses will work here and not prayers. It is hard to understand what's going on. There is a limit to everything. People are so de-sensitized that people are dying and this makes no difference to others. The best time is when children come home, and now parents sit outside their schools fearing their safety. I have been writing for 35 years and always about how to improve the situation but the situation has not been improving and will not improve.

 Muhammad Hanif (writer): 
Three measures should be taken to free Karachi from violence. First of all there should be complete de-weaponization across the board. Secondly, the Police and law enforcement agencies should be accountable to the local government. Thirdly, the city’s infrastructure which includes its housing, transport and education should be improved on an emergency basis. The transport needs improvement because people cannot access to their workplaces or educational institutes. Illegal settlements and lack of housing space is a huge problem in Karachi, because of this housing problem these gang wars and violence has broken out. This housing problem needs to be resolved.

There interviews were first published in the News on Sunday

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