Saturday, June 25, 2011

To every writer out there...

I have been affiliated with a newspaper for almost a year now. Many people have come to me with a wish to write. Here are some guidelines for getting published in the given newspaper (TNS) :
  • It is not very important to get published in TNS.
  • If you are still motivated, then please read TNS, for at least a month and read some of the back issues.Otherwise you won't understand what we or any other paper publishes.
  • We don't have a very high rejection rate but we like to believe we have a standard and we are not so desperate as to take every shit emailed to us. 
  • If you are getting repeatedly rejected, by any publication, means that you lack what the publication likes to publish and its about time that you moved on.
  • We are not obsessed with poor grammar and spellings, the good news is we don't gun down a piece solely because of the ordeal you made us go through, because most Pakistanis ( including me) are weak in English grammar. However, an unedited, random and ill-conceived piece has little chance of getting printed.
  • First-time writers need to come up with a fresh, well-written and powerful the gibberish for the next time. 
  • We have a 600 word informal mood street section on the Shehar page which attracts the maximum bull-shit (which is often returned). But its a very good opportunity for everyone who is serious. 
  • We have four Political Economy pages, that publish material on politics, society and economics which includes interviews, features and essays. You are welcome to try writing here... 
  • Most people who told me they want to write, eventually did not write-so if you want to write-please do write at .
  • A good news is that we pay PKR 2000 or less for each publication ( unless you do a 500 word box for us). You will have to send us a high-resolution ID card copy and wait till eternity for the money to arrive. It is slightly more complicated for foreign contributors so please kill all your hopes. 

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